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Online Learning

Introducing our very own fully interactive online programme designed specifically for subcontractors. This programme will provide simple and actionable guidance for those wanting to become more sustainable. Currently available for members only.

Sustainable Subcontracting eLearning Programme

What We Do



By making simple changes to embrace more sustainable building practices, you can future-proof your business, stay ahead of the curve, win more contracts and wave goodbye to the competition. We make it simple for contractors to embrace sustainable building practices, with proven simple methods and no jargon. 

Business Consultancy


Project Management 

Construction projects can be complex and involve multiple stakeholders, and many  subcontractors need help managing these projects effectively. We offer project management services to help contractors and clients stay on track, coordinate with other stakeholders, and deliver high-quality work.

Project Management


Technical Training

With the rise of new technologies and building materials, a growing number of contractors need help developing the technical skills required to implement sustainable practices. We offer customised technical training programs to help clients stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.


Business Development

As reported by the Environment Journal, sustainability is one of the biggest trends in business development, with 64% of business owners striving for greater sustainability in their activities and winning more business as a result. We help contractors develop a brand that emphasises their sustainability credentials.

Business Development


Cost Modeling

By helping contractors and developers to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and implement sustainable practices, we help them save money on energy costs and reduce their environmental impact.

Cost Modeling



Supply chain management is a critical aspect of construction. In particular, main contractors need to ensure they have enough available subcontractors that can meet the sustainability goals of the project. Effective supply chain management can ensure better capacity, seamless collaboration, clearer communication, more accountability, reduced costs, more business and above all, more sustainability

Supply Chain Management
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